Vuitton and Pharrell WTF is the world coming to….


Williams and Miceli

In recent news brother Pharrell in his new found wealth has been up in the grill of folks Louie Vuitton for some time. In 2005 Williams and Bathing Ape founder (and the master of mark-up for poor quality goods) Nigo designed and launched the house’s first sunglass collection in April 2005, but now Pharrell has his sights on making jewelry for the French fashion mega house. “Blason”, the new collection’s name of fine jewelry designed in collaboration with  Camille Miceli (the Vuitton creative consultant who now designs jewelry for the brand and handles Marc Jacobs’s personal public relations). Louis Vuitton will officially unveil the Blason collection to press on January 21. Specific details on the collection have yet to be released, but Louis Vuitton is expected to unveil four separate and distinctly themed lines under Blason that will launch this spring at its flagship stores worldwide. We can’t wait to see another diamond encrusted skateboard in pink  yellow and god knows what else. Oh brother!


~ by countsunday on January 7, 2008.

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