Do you own this car??? If so give it back!


On a trip to a Ford dealership in Orlando FL laid before my eyes the Ford GT. I’m not even a Ford guy, in fact kinda hate them. But when viewing this car up close I proceeded to ask the dealer questions which in turn the dealer started asking and all of a sudden I was about this close to signing the deal. Cooler heads prevailed, but the site of the automobile is truly amazing. And if you do own one now is your last chance to upgrade your car into the Ford GTX1 Roadster. This is because Gennadi Design Group, the company responsible for the limited edition makeovers, has announced that it will stop taking orders on 31 August 2008.


The upgrades included a roof conversion, racing seats, adjustable shocks, Wilwood brakes, a hidden rear bumper, and some interior improvements. The GTX1 also received a power boost to 700hp. Thus far, only 100 GTX1s have been ordered and completed. So finish busting a nut and go get it done.


~ by countsunday on January 8, 2008.

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