Whats wrong with “dirty undies” Winehouse!?!


She some how managed to wreck a room at the swank Riverbank Plaza Hotel in London while on “man leave” from rehab to tell her drug addicted husband Blake whatever he is. I can’t tell it as good as this nob end. Peep it…

” Booze was spilled all over the wooden hallway and cigarette butts, countless bottles of champagne and unwashed knickers were all over the floor. The blackened bath had to be scrubbed and unclogged after she dyed and washed her famous beehive in the tub. She had even taken a large mirror off the wall and placed it on the floor. Staff were baffled why.”

Oh word dirty draws? mirrors on the floor???? Maybe homegirl was looking for a trim down stairs and needed a extra angel. I can’t even begin to think what that beaver trap looks like or better yet smells like. Heat, sweat, and drugs all swirling around in a 2 and half inch area. Shit if it was me I would have bagged them skid marked thongs, wrapped them up and sell them in a vending machine in Japan.


~ by countsunday on February 22, 2008.

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