Sorry for the long wait……..

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……….But we’ve been traveling the world on a fact finding mission across globe to find out if the world really hates America. And the answer……yes they still do.

But I’ll leave you with a gift that makes good for being gone from your lives .


Much love Katie Price!!!! America still loves you!!!


“Cobra Kai” x RVCA collab V-Neck

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Old friend The Cobra snake and RVCA have team up for this collab v-neck tee boasting a assortment of the Snakes “mantras” 3rd place finish, a yeng and a yang, and green tea are listed plan as day. Mark’s daily habits I’m sure. the “Snake” is loose. “Cobra” tell Margo to call me!!!


Nom de Guerre sneak peak look for spring 08

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Oh what you don’t know bout this? Nom de Guerre drops the look for spring. Check yo self!

jean-jacket.jpg nom-western-vest.jpg ss08-line-9.jpg

Neckface wants death to become you too!

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California Artist Neckface will be exhibiting a collection at named “Death Becomes You” in Melbourne, Australia at the Don’t Come Gallery . If you haven’t seen a collected showing we highly suggest you go. The very talented artist Neckface dropped out of the School for Visual Arts and since then has applied his art to brands from Vans, Stussy, and has collaborated with a series of skateboard decks including Baker. Makes you want to bite someones neck off!!


….I’m living on a Chinese Rock- Dee Dee Ramone

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We’ve seen a lot of Nike’s Blazers running around the world. In our opinion they’re great looking kicks for the most part (we’ve seen some stinkers to) but these take the cake!!! Due for a Jan 19th release the “China Rock” well be by far the illest pair to drop. Right next to the “Milks” (my personal fav). Their availability will be only for tier 1 Nike accounts. Chinese Rocks!!! He-yaw!!

Do you own this car??? If so give it back!

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On a trip to a Ford dealership in Orlando FL laid before my eyes the Ford GT. I’m not even a Ford guy, in fact kinda hate them. But when viewing this car up close I proceeded to ask the dealer questions which in turn the dealer started asking and all of a sudden I was about this close to signing the deal. Cooler heads prevailed, but the site of the automobile is truly amazing. And if you do own one now is your last chance to upgrade your car into the Ford GTX1 Roadster. This is because Gennadi Design Group, the company responsible for the limited edition makeovers, has announced that it will stop taking orders on 31 August 2008.


The upgrades included a roof conversion, racing seats, adjustable shocks, Wilwood brakes, a hidden rear bumper, and some interior improvements. The GTX1 also received a power boost to 700hp. Thus far, only 100 GTX1s have been ordered and completed. So finish busting a nut and go get it done.

Ok people have been asking……..

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……..Who the hell is in that photo in your header. Well if you step back from you monitor (KEEP GOING!) you will see the one and only Patty Hearst aka “Tania” when she was “kidnapped” by Symbionese Liberation Army. Its truly an amazing story, if you haven’t heard about it watch this documentary. Oh she’s also the daughter of Randolf Hearst of Hearst Publications. They have controlled the news and magazines you read since the 1920’s. Yeah that Hearst, and let me tell you those guys are kinda (I use the term lightly) shady. They shifted the political landscape to the super far right after the New Deal was in motion. They also killed the idea in the 20’s that auto manufacturers release a hemp oil running engine (which is similar to vegetable oil diesel engines used today) to protect their oil interest, and set in place the criminalization of marijuana and financially back all those crazy ass “don’t smoke weed or you’ll jump out of a window” films from back in the day. And just look where that got us!! If you don’t know about that then go to wikipedia. So we find it a bit amusing to use her a our “mascot”! Ok class is over go, talk amongst yourselves.